Pravytsya Folk Studio

We will immerse your child into the
world of Ukrainian tradition and
teach them to appreciate that they
are a part of this great nation.

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Фольк-студія “Правиця”
Гурт “Правиця”

Musical Group “Pravytsya”

We employ a fresh and creative approach in recording folk songs from hundreds of years ago.
We give them new life and sound while retaining their authenticity.

Experience the Pravytsya sound

Staging Children’s
Events and Parties

Pravytsya Folk Studio organizes children’s events and parties, quests, master classes and theatrical productions. Your unique event can be enriched with a visit by personalities from ancient myths or traditional folk stories. Envision your child’s excitement when greeted by a kozak, a sly fox, an angel, a mermaid, a witch or a little boy of supernatural strength names Kotyhoroshko.

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Фольк-студія “Правиця”
Літній табір

Pravytsya Summer Camp

Summer is the ideal time to relax in a beautiful, mountainous setting while immersing in the richness of Ukrainian culture.

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Vocal Instruction

You will learn how to produce quality vocal sound. Our methodology is based on the study and adaptation of various popular world music.

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Студія вокалу